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We develop and manage private equity portfolios for qualified private investors



Selection of high quality Private Equity funds in 1 portfolio

Compensation based on generating returns, not on gathering assets

Preserving Capital, enhancing returns through active ownership

About Convixions Investment Management



Develop and manage concentrated but diversified Private Equity portfolio’s of top quality private equity funds in a cost efficient way for qualified private investors only.


We embrace the principles of strategic alignment; each and everyone involved in the sourcing, selection, due diligence, management and monitoring process is incentivized to work together towards our ultimate goal: preserve capital and generate solid long term returns for our investors, current and future generations.


Our passion is to create a network of qualified private investors and form a true investment partnership based on trust and transparency.


About Private Equity

“Preserving capital and enhancing value by active ownership”



Global Private Equity provides attractive risk/return characteristics compared to other asset classes. Active ownership by well incentivized investment teams allows for significant value creation potential by way of operational improvements and exploiting competitive advantages. Private Equity managers benefit from “legitimate inside information” as also non-public company information is made available for due diligence purposes before a company is acquired. In-depth knowledge about a company and its prospects reduces company specific risk. Combined with a low correlation with other asset classes, Private Equity makes a perfect fit within an investors’ portfolio.


Top quartile funds outperform bottom quartile funds by a significant margin so manager selection is important in order to generate strong long term outperformance. Not surprisingly, the best managers are hard to access and securing a solid allocation is difficult.


The wealth created by Private Equity investments primarily flows to institutional investors and endowments. It is difficult for private investors to get exposure to a select number of high quality Private Equity managers. Many fund managers require minimum commitment sizes of US$ 5 to 10 million and some even higher. Even if clients can meet the minimum commitment requirements, it is difficult to ensure proper diversification across various managers.

Qualified Private Investors can invest in traditional fund of funds but most programs are over-diversified and total cost of ownership for investors is high; as a result, most fund of funds will not show performance numbers exceeding a net multiple of 1,5x.

Issues for Private Investors:


Many private investors are too small to access the best managers directly as minimum commitments start with US$ 5 to 10 million.


Private investors who can meet the minimum commitment requirement cannot properly diversify across managers, regions, segments and industries.


Large private investors who do have access to top quality (local) Private Equity managers cannot diversify internationally in a cost-efficient way.



“time for a portfolio that serves the interests of qualified Private Investors”

  • Concentrated but diversified portfolio with 12 – 15 top quality private equity funds to be invested in 3 years
  • No management fee; charge fund level expenses (capped) pro-rata
  • Focus on managers which have a proven ability to enhance intrinsic value of a company by way of operational improvements and exploiting competitive advantages
  • Style: Value orientation with a mission to operationally improve businesses
  • Geography: Developed markets only with Western Europe 30-70% and North America 30-70%, Developed Asia 0 – 20%
  • Size: All, with a preference for (lower end of) mid market
  • Industries: Diversified across all industries
  • Segment: Buy out, buy & build, roll-out, distressed, secondaries, no venture capital

Private investors or fund managers interested in speaking with us can send an email to the following email address:


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